Soltek International

Engineering, project management, fixed and mobile plant maintenance

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  • 3ML Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • Sewage Mains Replacement Project
  • Septic Sewage Tank Upgrade Project
  • Caustic Storage Concrete Bund Project
  • Caustic Storage and Dozing System – Design & Installation
  • Tailings Dam - Decant Finger Lift Project
  • Tailings Dam - Pipe and Sleepers Installation
  • Dewatering Sump Pontoon – Design & Installation
  • West Dome Transfer Station Upgrade Project
  • West Dome Dewatering Project
  • Flow Meters Installation
  • Access Platform Upgrade Project - Design and Installation
  • Conveyor Guarding Compliance Audit
  • Portable Water Storage Tanks Access Platforms – Design & Installation
  • Conveyor and rotating equipment guarding Project
  • Design, Optimisation & Installation of Plant PE Piping
  • Froth Camera Installation Project
  • Ball Mill Installation Project
  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of Chute Access Doors
  • Flocculent Feed Upgrade Study
  • Shaft Exhaust Fan Installation
  • Girth Gear Assembly Support - Design and Installation
  • Development of Asset Management Plans for Reclaimers, Stackers and Ship Loaders
  • Safety Showers Installation
  • Electrical Kiosk Upgrade
  • Thickener Tank & Tail Dam PE Pipeline Installation
  • Bore Head Works – Design & Installation
  • Copper concentrate debottlenecking project
  • Simulator Shed Concrete and Structure Installation
  • Site Workshop Concrete Pad Installation
  • Bore Head Works Concrete Pad Installation
  • Design & Installation of Storage Tanks Concrete Bunds

Equal Opportunity Policy

It is the Company’s policy to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and equitably.

The Company believes that each employee deserves the right to work in a harmonious environment free from discrimination and harassment. Any distinction made between employees in the work place will be made solely on merit.

In line with this, we are committed to the application of equal opportunity in all decisions affecting our employees, regardless of race, sex, age, marital status, pregnancy, family status or responsibility, impairment or religious or political conviction.

Each employee has a responsibility to ensure proper standards of conduct are upheld, and to demonstrate courtesy and respect towards others in the workplace.

Behaviour that is not in line with our Company’s Equal Opportunity Policy will not be tolerated.

The Company views its Equal Opportunity Program as an integral part of its total management philosophy.

With the support of management and employees equal opportunity can achieve a productive, safe and equitable work environment.


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Mackay QLD 4740

Telephone :
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